China Dolls

Exotic International Girls
Experience the delights of
the Orient and Far East!
Thai, Philippino, Malay, Chinese,
Vietnamese, African, Nigerian,
Jamaican, Burmese, Indian and more...

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Black Velvet

Explore the pure pleasures
of beautiful hot spicy girls'
firm bodies, smooth full lips!
Discover a black babe's inner secrets!

Top Class Orientals
Hot seductive Asians!
Exquisite, sensational girls,
tiny, tight petite bodies,
satin smooth creamy skin.

Exotic Bi Babes
We offer you also a selection of either
Mocha, Black, or Oriental girls who love
to have another woman to make the perfect
threesome that everyman dreams of!

We have the hottest International
girls in the West!!!

Perth Australia
Phone (08) 9361 4411
International +61 8 9361 4411

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